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The foreign exchange market or currency market, known informally as Forex, is an over-the-counter trading instrument where one currency is traded for another. It is the most traded market in the world, with an average turnover of $3.2 trillion per day.
A forex license is an official document that must be obtained before a forex company can be established. It enables a forex company to conduct business in compliance with the legal procedures in place within that jurisdiction. It is important to acquire relevant professional advice when looking to obtain a forex license, as the procedure will depend upon the jurisdiction you aim to set up your broker in.
A forex broker is a licensed company that offers brokerage services to its clients via online trading systems. A forex broker offers a range of financial investment services, such as currency exchange, commodity trading, CFDs and indices. If you are interested in becoming a forex broker it is important to gain a thorough and professional understanding of the license and registration procedures in place within your chosen jurisdiction.
The purpose of a white label brokerage program is to offer financial institutions a complete solution to online forex trading. The purpose is to enable brokers, institutions and money managers to grow and expand their businesses. This entails partnering with a forex company, which from here, enables you to harness and develop your existing customer trading relationships, as well as to gain greater returns.
Forex trading software provides a platform for both your broker dealers and your clients to conduct trade. With the facility of forex trading software, your company is able to make skilled trading decisions. When looking for trading software it is important to find a competitive platform, as this can affect the nature of your forex trading facilities significantly.
Setting up an operational brokerage is tricky and requires a lot of experience; any error could cause affect your reputation. Gk Futures’s eliminates the hassle and leaves no room for trials and errors; we have tried hundreds of products to select the best combination depending on your business model.
We offer the lowest startup cost to have your brokerage up and running. As we work with our providers on many deals, we receive preferred pricing that is not available to the individuals; accordingly we pass on the savings to you so you get your brokerage up and running at a cost even lower than trying to set it up yourself.
We offer a wide variety of products that could be added to your existing brokerage to increase your monthly profit. Please get in touch with one of expert team members so we can analyze your model and suggest you the appropriate products that fits your needs.
Not necessary, we offers you a turnkey solution and provide you and your team with the required training to operate efficiently and professionally. We also offer on-going support along the way to achieve success.
A bank wire is the process of transferring funds electronically from one bank to another without the physical movement of money. Bank wires are a safe and secure method of making a payment and can be instantaneous depending on the sending bank and receiving bank being the same.

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We are a service provider company that delivers the new innovative services and cost effective solutions. We are providing a complete Prime Brokerage and White Label solution to you. We are the one stop solutions for all your needs about the Forex Brokerage and business.


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